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Deep Sleep Every Night

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Build Your Self Esteem

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Heal Your Body

A Guided Meditation

Develop Your Self Confidence

Develop a Powerful Memory

Raise Your Energy and Motivation

Overcome Fears and Phobias

Play Great Golf

Unleash Your True Potential

Overcome Exam Nerves

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Pass Your Driving Test

Joyful Pregnancy -- Double CD

Grief, Divorce, Separation

Self help Books w/CD

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Glenn Harrold's Award-Winning Series


"I love hearing how someone has overcome a phobia or achieved a big goal using my CDs. It is an honor and privilege to be doing this work. My aim is to continue to develop and improve my recordings, and create products that have genuine healing qualities."
Glenn Harrold MBSCH Dip C.H.
(The UKs No.1 Self Help Audio Author)

Over 1,300,000 of Glenn Harrold's hypnosis tapes, CDs and DVDs sold worldwide
Glenn Harrold also produces hypnotherapy CDs for BBC audiobooks
The success of the hypnosis CDs has been featured on BBC 1, ITV, Hello Magazine, and many other newspapers and magazines.
Officially the UKs best selling self-help tapes and CDs of all time! (see charts below)

We at Diviniti Publishing / River Rock Place believe when individuals improve their lives and become fulfilled, we all benefit. With that in mind, we have committed to providing you with the highest quality relaxation, meditation and hypnosis CDs available. Each product is developed with your health, well-being, and personal growth in mind. And the best available recording technology is used to make your listening experience pleasurable and effective.

Glenn Harrold produces the world’s finest safe and effective self-help CD’s. He addresses many areas to help us improve our lives. Glenn can guide you into a deep sleep every night, and help you achieve a state of complete relaxation. His CD’s can help you build your self esteem, restore and develop your self confidence, and learn to think positively. He can enable you to stop smoking forever or lose weight, NOW!

Glenn also makes it possible for you to unleash your true potential and create unlimited financial abundance. He can help you develop successful relationships or a powerful memory, create inner peace and calm, overcome fears and phobias, even overcome the fear of flying.

His self-help hypnosis CD’s guide you to focus inwardly to heal your body or to overcome addictions of all kinds. Glenn Harrold aids your ability to center yourself and offers a guided meditation and a chakra meditation for this purpose.

His energy and motivation CD’s enable thousands to achieve their goals, and it can do the same for you. If you want to feel motivated to live healthier, his exercise and fitness motivation CD addresses this area.

Even if you want to overcome exam nerves, pass your driving test or play great golf, Glenn Harrold can help you relieve anxiety and stress, build self confidence and achieve success.

To enable a joyful pregnancy for expectant moms, Glenn produced three double-CD's to guide mothers through the pregnancy phases. Janey Lee Grace inspires with a wealth of information on the 2nd CD in each of three sets. Preparing for Pregnancy, Joyful Pregnancy and Blissful Birth offer unique guides for mothers-to-be.

Children’s confidence levels can be given a boost from Glenn’s expertise. Christiane Kerr’s Calm for Kids series offers charming CD’s for kids through enchanted meditations and bedtime meditations, calming kids using mermaids and fairy dust images.

The double CDs in the Pregnancy and Child Birth series provide an abundance of information and guidance for moms-to-be. The first two in the series are: 1) Joyful Pregnancy 2) Blissful Birth. Others will be released in 2008.

If you want to get in touch with your guardian angels and be able to summon them at will, Jan Yoxhall’s work can guide you to the presence of angels and to call angels by your side. Oceanic angels of the blue can come to your aid by visualizing swimming with dolphins. Jan's forth in the Sacred Light series is Angels Heal My Body.

Help with Grief, Separation and Divorce comes to you from Lucinda Drayton, lead singer in the British group Bliss, as she calms and guides listeners through the emotional upheavel caused from life's losses and changes. Letting Go, Moving On helps listeners transcend. Lucinda's second in her "Simple Truths" series, Letting Love In is a natural follow-on.

Diviniti Publishing / River Rock Place serves North America for all of Diviniti's titles sold in the US and Canada. We serve APO and FPO addresses.

To learn more about how the CD’s work, please click on our FAQ page for in-depth information. Feel free to contact us at Diviniti Publishing / River Rock Place with questions.

In addition to spoken word CD’s, we also offer relaxation music from:

Kerry McKenna – “Elements” series

Underwater City, Infinite Earth, Eternal Flame, Angel Wings


A Hundred Thousand Angels, You, Both Sides, Bliss by Bliss, The Journey, Flying Free, Through These Eyes


Time To Just Be

Glenn Harrold:

Number 4 in the best-selling audiobook authors
12 Weeks ending March 24, 2007!

Agatha Christie
Francesca Simon
Michel Thomas
Glenn Harrold
Enid Blyton
Alan Bennett
Francis Durbridge
Terry Pratchett
Bill Bryson
J.K. Rowling


Glenn Harrold - 2005

8 of Top 10 Self-Help CDs in UK

Source: ACNielsen

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Top 10 Best Sellers

Letting Go, Moving On
Blissful Birth -- Double CD
Rays of Calm
Letting Go, Moving On

Blissful Birth -- Double CD

Rays of Calm


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